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GDocsOpen at a glance:

  • Integrates with your file manager, to give you right click / double click integration
  • Opens any document using Google Docs with a simple click
  • Use the familiar Google Docs interface to edit your document. Synchronize the changes to your local document whenever you're done. A copy of your file will remain in the cloud too, as backup
Download GDocsOpen for Windows version 6.0.0

Download GDocsOpen for MacOS version 6.0.0
New in version 6.0.0:
  • Convert document between all supported formats
  • Added support for Google Drive files (gdocs and gsheet)
  • Continue where you left off: GDocsOpen now automatically opens the last document that you worked on
  • Bugfixes
  • A brand new GDocsOpen for MacOS

Looking for an older version? See the release history

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