GDocsOpen: the bridge between your PC and Google Docs

GDocsOpen opens local documents directly in google docs by double-clicking them and uploads them to your google drive account. It will then let you the document using the Google Drive interface, just like you would in an office application.

Google Docs is handy for editing documents online, acting as a complete office suite.

But what happens when you need to open a file and do some minor changes to it? You'll have to perform some tedious tasks, like uploading the file, making the changes, than exporting the changed document.

GDocsOpen will help you eliminate the upload and export part of the process:

  • automatically uploads the file to google docs when you open it
  • automatically synchronize the changes back to your file once you're done editing!

GDocsOpen is a software that you can download to help you work with your Google documents easily.

GDocsOpen at a glance:

  • Integrates with your file manager
  • Opens your Google Docs documents with just a double-click
  • Has an integrated browser that allows you to synchronize your local and cloud files
  • Allows you to edit the Google document with your browser

With GDocsOpen, you don't need to download or, worse, buy an office suite. And you'll always have backups of your document in the cloud!

But if you really love your office suite, then you don't have to worry. You can still use GDocsOpen by right-clicking a document, and selecting "Open with..." GDocsOpen!

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I have been looking and looking for an integrated solution [...]. Saving the file, then uploading to Google docs was a giant PITA, so I went on the hunt for some way to associate my .doc, .xls, etc. files to Google Docs. And there you were. So far, I'm absolutely thrilled, and I'm so grateful that I found you!!

Julia F

  • Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with this product. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and just love how easy it is to use. Well done!

    Todd Voge (Faribault, MN)

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